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  • The driver was an hour late, but she explained to us that she already tried to call us but failed. The driver is a nice person but she provided us with a car with 5 seats instead of six so my son had to sit on my lap for 8 hours. She asked us (me n my 5 years son) to use the one seat belt but it wasn't long enough to reach the buckle.

    Sukandi 先生/女士 2016-06-27 来自 Indonesia

  • 入境後打電話聯絡司機,7分鐘左右車就到了很方便,司機很友善,謝謝

    WONG 先生/女士 2016-07-10 来自 Hong Kong

  • 很準時,車內乾淨舒適,司機也很友善!很棒!

    曾 先生/女士 2016-07-19 来自 Canada

  • Mr. Liao is absolutely wonderful! The ride felt very secure. HOWEVER, I was never notified that I should contact the details with the driver, I've sent email directly to DingTaxi support. The information I specifically requested to be pass on to the driver (cars eat for an infant and a child, and that it should take us time to claim all our baggages) were not sent to the driver. As a company providing services worldwide, it was disappointing to see that the communication wasn't thorough. I would not recommend Ding Taxi to anyone I know to avoid same incident from happening again.

    Li 先生/女士 2016-08-06 来自 Canada

  • 很好的經驗!

    LIN 先生/女士 2016-09-19 来自 Taiwan

  • 因為錯拿行李,請廖先生再多等了15分鐘,非常感謝。

    黃 先生/女士 2018-07-08 来自 Taiwan

  • 服務司機廖先生,非常熱心且提供實用建議,服務非常好.

    賴 先生/女士 2018-10-04 来自 Taiwan

  • 迟到了很久,我晚上8点下机,驾驶9:30才来。我带了一个两岁半的小孩,非常困难。

    王 先生/女士 2019-08-23 来自 Taiwan